Doordash is Not Environmentally Responsible

This post is brief but important. Doordash causes the waste of thousands of gallons of gas eash day. How? Their algorithm does not always route a customer’s order to the closest merchant. On a weekly basis, On any given day in Doordash Driver Facebook groups across the country, you will see posts from drivers outting them for sending orders to stores farther away from the customer than necessary. I assume it might be because Merchant B can have the order ready 1 minute faster than Merchant A but here is why that’s a bad practice:

  • It wastes fuel.
  • It causes drivers to reject offers which may otherwise be acceptable (meaning, merchant A to the customer is 2 miles and the pay is $6.50. Merchant B is 5 miles away which means the per mile rate of pay is less than half. This will be rejected by most drivers)
  • Customers get colder food and a longer overall wait because of the distance, plus their order is more likely to get stacked with another bad offer, further delaying delivery.

Doordash needs to revise its code and become more environmentally conscious, especially in this time of surging fuel costs.